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The KEY ACTION 2 partnership project Cheer You @P reunites partners from Austria, Spain, Estonia, Poland and Greece with the purpose of finding ways to innovate the entrepreneurship ecosystem and designing one that supports female entrepreneurs in the different partner countries.


Intellectual Output 4

Creation of interactive training modules at our online-guidance-platformto support peer-to-peer transnational learning experiences and fostering of entrepreneurial skills and digital literacy. Link to the platform here.

Intellectual Output 3

The Map of Stakeholders collects existing support structures of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in each partner country. ery often information is scattered, divided into pieces and difficult to find. This output offers additional information to understand if and which gaps are existing in the support structures. Each partner will identify at least 6 support structure for … Continue reading Intellectual Output 3

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Our third newsletter is out!

The third newsletter of the project Cheer You @P is finally here! Here you can read it:¬†https://cheeryouproject.files.wordpress.com/2022/07/3-nl-cheer-you.pdf Also, if you are interested in knowing more about the IO1, you have all the information on the Gain&Sustain:Europe website.

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