From the virtual to meeting in person: Cheer You @P partners celebrate an encounter in Tallinn for the Project Management Meeting

Last week, the Cheer You @P partnership held a meeting in Tallinn to reflect on the next steps of the project and to establish deadlines

On the 7th and 8th of July, a Project Management Meeting of Cheer You @P was celebrated in Tallinn (Estonia). The objective of this encounter was to analyse the current state of the project, to establish deadlines and to plan the next activities that should be carried out from now until the end of 2021. 

Representatives of each partner organisation (Gain&Sustain, Solidarity Tracks, Asociación Mundus, the University of Rzeszow and Noored Uhiskonna Heaks which was the hosting organisation) were present in the Estonian capital and spent two working sessions making progress together and, finally, in person.

During the first day of the meeting, the partners reflected on the achieved and upcoming milestones. Besides all the bureaucratic work, Cheer You @P also succeeded with the creation of the communication channels and with the design of the online survey (IO1). For the moment, everyone involved in the project is implementing the IO1 trying to reach as many answers as possible and the next milestone will be starting the Mapping of Entrepreneurial Eco-systems.

It is important to raise awareness of the challenges for female entrepreneurs

That first session, there was time for discussing what kind of impact the partners want to reach at the end of the project. Cheer You @P was thought as a tool to find new ways to innovate the entrepreneurship ecosystem in order to create a new one which supports female entrepreneurs and according to the representatives of the entities that is still the main focus. Among other issues, they agreed that it is important to raise awareness of the challenges for female entrepreneurs to start their project, to understand the existing gaps of the supporting structure at local level and include the gender perspective in the existing supporting structures.

Moreover, on the 7th of July partners also planned the upcoming Learning Teaching Training Activity in Lefkada (Greece). It will be held after the Summer and the target groups invited will be teachers, youth workers and others that work with young females that might become entrepreneurs. Finally, the work related to the Mapping of Entrepreneurial Eco-systems was also planned.

The second working session that took place on the 8th of July was completely dedicated to the IO1: the online survey. The aim now is trying to get as many answers as possible. The final objective of this output is to collect current data on the challenges and potential of female entrepreneurship in Poland, Greece, Spain, Estonia and Austria to improve the current situation and foster cooperation between the public and private sector. 

Besides the teamwork, the partners also had some time for doing informal activities together and visiting the wonderful and historic Estonian capital!

If you want to contribute with the survey, you will help Cheer You@P and especially female founders to be more successful in being the positive change we want to see in Europe:

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